The Parish Council is asked for its views on all planning applications affecting the village. The Council does not have any powers to accept or reject applications, but its views are considered when the application is determined by the relevant authority.

South Northamptonshire Council (SNC) maintains an on-line register of all planning applications submitted from 1974 up to the present. The register includes a brief description of the proposal, the address of the site, and the status of the application. You can access the Milton Malsor section of this register by clicking on the Search button.

Howdens proposed development

Howdens (the kitchen and joinery company) say they need to plan for future expansion and move from Brackmills. They want an enormous site - many times the size of their present one - entirely within Milton Malsor Parish. It will be 2.67 million square feet in area (1/3 of the Parish), 1.25km long on 350 acres of farmland, be 60ft high, and remove two ancient footpaths. Its impact is shown clearly in this Parish Map:

Parish map

The planning application has provoked overwhelming opposition from local communities. To date there are nearly 400 objections from individuals and their Parish Councils based on traffic issues, air and noise pollution, loss of countryside; the application is also contrary to the Core Strategy and Local Plans.

Say NO to Howdens! Please support the opposition to the Planning Application by coming along for a gentle stroll along one of the ancient footpaths - see Walk the Walk - planned for 7th June.

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