Parish Plan

The Parish Plan was developed by a Parish Plan Steering Group in consultation with members of the Parish Council and a majority of residents of the village. It is the result of the following steps carried out over more than one year:

Parish Plan

Parish Plan — 2013 revision

The 2005 Parish Plan was updated in 2013 and has been submitted to South Northants Council (SNC) for adoption. The changes to the plan have been to bring it up to date since the 2005 plan was developed and to incorporate amendments suggested by SNC prior to adoption. The revised text affects pages 5 and pages 9 to 12 (page numbering refers to the 2013 version).

Once adopted by SNC it becomes a supplementary planning document. The revised plan was formally agreed by the parish council at its December 2013 meeting.

The Parish Plan can be viewed here in the form of a “PDF” file. It is a large file and may take a while to download if you have a dial-up Internet connection. To view the document click on the image of the front page. You will need to have a copy of Adobe Reader installed on your computer; to download a copy, visit the Adobe web site

Neighbourhood Plan

The Neighbourhood Plan builds on the Parish Plan, and its recommendations. The most important of these was that Milton Malsor should remain a village separate from Northampton and nearby villages which 95% of 473 respondents deemed ‘very important’ or ‘important.’

Since then a West Northamptonshire Joint Core Strategy Local Plan stated that Northampton town should not extend south of the M1 which the parish council sought. However, there are still concerns about the effects such as traffic by large scale housing developments in areas south of the town and nearby villages.

Under the Localism Act we have the opportunity to set out what residents have said they most want. The Neighbourhood Plan, approved at the council’s meeting on 10 December 2013, will be incorporated by SNC in its next ‘local plan’ and should safeguard residents’ interests for the next 15 years at least. The government made it clear that such a plan must allow for a reasonable increase in housing or it will not be accepted. So additional homes are proposed on a site at the edge of the village.

Housing Needs Survey

The Parish Plan identified a need for affordable housing in the village. South Northamptonshire Council was commissioned by the Parish Council to undertake a detailed village housing needs survey in 2006. The SNC report giving details of the survey and its results is now available. The Parish Council is continuing to work with SNC to develop affordable housing in the village as soon as possible.