Howdens withdraw development proposal (8-6-2015)

Howdens issued a Press Release on 4th June 2015 in which they announced their withdrawal from the M1 Junction 15 planning application.

Collection of small electrical items (19-3-2015)

South Northants Council (SNC) has introduced an easier way to recycle electrical products. From the next blue bin collection unwanted electrical items will be collected from the kerbside alongside the rest of your recycling. Any small household electrical item is suitable, as long as it fits into a carrier bag.

To get residents started, a one-off plastic bag will be delivered alongside the spring edition of SNC Review which is delivered to every home. Afterwards, residents can use any standard carrier bag for future electrical items. All residents have to do is put their broken, old or unwanted electrical items in a bag and place it on top of their blue bin lid on recycling week. The items will be collected by the regular collection crew and placed in separate containers on the side of the vehicles. The electrical items will be taken to a special facility where they will be safely dismantled and recycled.

Electrical items contain precious metals like gold and silver as well as heavy metals and other toxins and recycling them stops harmful substances getting in to the soil. Residents are also reminded they can recycle household batteries by putting them in a small plastic bag and placing it on top of the blue bin lid during recycling week. Large electrical items can be collected by the bulky waste collection service for a cost of £30 per collection and can be booked by calling 01327 322344. Alternatively you can take them to a household waste recycling centre.

Recycling Centre opening hours (5-2-2015)

Opening times of all Household Waste Recycling Centres have changed from 1 February; for details please refer to the County Council’s information sheet. In particular, the site in Towcester is closed on Tuesdays and Wenesdays, and the Sixfields site is closed on Mondays and Thursdays. Opening hours are changed to 10am to 6pm all year.

Paying council tax does not automatically register you to vote (29-1-2015)

Residents who move house are being reminded that registering for council tax does not automatically register them on the electoral roll. South Northamptonshire Council and Cherwell District Council are urging anyone who has recently moved or who is planning to move prior to this year’s May elections to ensure they register to vote before the 20 April deadline.

Although it is not a legal requirement for people to vote, it is a legal requirement to submit details for the register and failure to do so may result in a £1,000 fine.

Sue Smith, electoral registration officer, said: “The electoral register is about more than providing people with a right to vote. It is used for jury service selection and to perform credit checks for things such as mortgage, mobile phone and credit card applications and if details are not up to date, it could affect people’s credit ratings.”

“It is a common misconception that registering for council tax means people are registered to vote but that is not the case. People will need to submit their details specifically for the register either online or over the phone. Those who have moved into a new build house may find their address is not yet recognised online but by contacting us we can help resolve the situation which means they won’t miss out on their chance to vote.”

Following last year’s elections the Government rolled out a new voter registration system, known as Individual Electoral Registration (IER) which will use information held by the Department of Work and Pensions to validate voter applications and cut down on electoral fraud.

This year, depending on where people live, they could be entitled to take part in up to three elections. All eligible voters will be entitled to take part in the general election to elect their MP. In many areas, district council seats will be also be up for election. Furthermore, elections will also take place for some town and parish councils.

To register to vote visit Alternatively for assistance or to request a form in the post to register a new build address call Cherwell District Council on 01295 227005 or South Northamptonshire Council on 01327 322128.

Appeal regarding development of two houses between No.1 and No. 17 Rectory Lane (13-9-2014)

The Inspector has rejected this appeal. This is good news for the village. You can read the Inspector's reasons here. The Inspector has mentioned the village Neighbourhood Plan and has given it a limited bearing only as it has not yet been formally adopted by South Northants Council.

Howdens expansion plans (6-8-2014)

Howdens, the kitchen and joinery company, say they need expansion away from Brackmills. A very large site at junction 15 in Milton Malsor Parish is proposed which would take up about a third of our parish area. Read the leaflet circulated to all the residents by the parish council.

Village Networks visit to Milton Malsor (25-11-2013)

South Northants Volunteer Bureau (SNVB) has a touring vehicle providing free advice and support on a variety of topics to villages in the area and will now include Milton Malsor with a first visit on 23 January 2014 at the Greyhound car park. Topics covered include advice on welfare benefits, household bills, fuel charges, free and independent advice on debt, volunteering opportunities, free lessons on computers, plus advice on job clubs and job searching. For more information see the Village Networks visit programme.

East Hunsbury development (4-11-2013)

An application has been made by Bovis Homes for 380 homes in East Hunsbury, roughly located adjacent to the north and west sides of Collingtree village and Windingbrook Lane on the eastern side. The development is also close to the M1. The proposal forms part of the intention to develop a total of around 1,000 homes, with another developer perhaps building a few hundred more at some stage. There will also be a re-configuration of part of the Collingtree Park Golf Course.

The parish council is concerned about the traffic implications of such a large development, and believes the road infrastructure is inadequate, as no significant road improvements appear to be planned. The parish council is concerned about an increase in rat-running by vehicles through the village.

The application documents are available from the Northampton Borough Couoncil web site.

The Parish Council’s response has been submitted to Northampton Borough Council.

Stockwell Way housing proposal - 3rd Appeal outcome (12-6-2013)

The third appeal by the Henry Sargeant Will Trust on the proposal to build 25 dwellings on land off Stockwell Way in the village has been dismissed. The Inspector’s report was published on 10 June.

The Inspector’s conclusion was that the development would help address a shortfall in housing in South Northants District and a need for such housing in the village. However, the site is in an area of limited sustainability. The development would also cause adverse effects on highway safety and harm to the character and living conditions in the area where the access point is proposed. The adverse effects outweigh the benefits of the proposal and the appeal has therefore failed. The parish council discussed the report at its meeting on 11 June and is pleased with the outcome.

Waste and recycling collections update (22-1-2013)

South Northants Council issued this update today:

The following applies to the households that were due a collection on Monday 21 Jan and Tuesday 22 Jan. If your bins and boxes were due to be emptied on Mon 21 Jan or Tue 22 Jan then they will not be emptied this week so please take them back onto your property. Assuming the weather improves we plan to catch up with these bins next Monday and Tuesday (Jan 28 & Jan 29). For these collections:

There will be no green bin collections as black bins are the priority.

Please put out your black bin out for collection. If you have any extra rubbish because your bin was missed then please place this next to your bin and it will be collected when your bin is emptied.

Please put both recycling boxes out. We will empty the box that is due this week according to the calendar. As far as possible we will try to also empty the box that was missed on 21 & 22 Jan. If we are unable to empty the box that was missed then please put it out along with any extra recycling on your next scheduled collection.

From week commencing Monday 4 February 2013 collections should return to normal. Please refer to the calendar that was sent to you in December or go to our website to download a new one. Extra garden waste and Christmas trees will be collected when your green bin is next emptied (we apologise that some green bins have not been emptied for some time).

We would like to thank you for your patience and understanding during this time. The safety of the public and our collection teams is very important and we are working hard to keep disruption to a minimum.

Neighbourhood Plan - second consultation (25-10-2012)

This plan is currently being circulated to all village residents. The parish council urge you to SUPPORT the council’s proposal. Please reply as soon as possible. You can either use the template letter supplied to all residents or may prefer to reply using your own letter.

Please note that this survey is for Milton Malsor Parish Council residents only. Anonymous, unsigned, undated and/or letters without an address cannot be accepted.

Rectory Lane closure (25-10-2012)

MGWSP are requiring to carry out carriageway patching in Rectory Lane. To allow for the works to be completed safely for both the public and the workforce the road will need to be closed for one day on the 12th November between 08.00 and 15.30.

A road closure plan shows the extent of the closure (red) and the diversion route (blue).

If you require more information about the closure please contact Stuart Mann on 01604 883400.

County Connect bus service (11-2-2012)

An new bus service that will connect rural communities will shortly be introduced by Northamptonshire County Council. The demand response system – known as County Connect – will focus on five separate areas in the county and centre round hub towns, where passengers can then connect with regular inter-urban buses. It differs from conventional bus services in that customers book a seat on specially designed low-floor mini-buses either by telephone, text message or via the internet and arrange to be picked up at a specific time at their nearest village bus stop.

More details are available on the Northamptonshire County Council web site.

Milton Malsor trading estate (26-1-2012)

On 2 February 2012 South Northants District Council will be discussing whether to take enforcement action against the current illegal use of part of the trading estate by a road haulage company and a company hiring HGV trailer units.

The parish council has been asking SNC to take enforcement action for over two years now as many of the large trucks that breach the 7.5 tonne weight restriction in the village are accessing the site in Gayton Road. Apart from the damage being caused to the water mains and road surface in Gayton Road and other parts of the village considerable disturbance is being caused to residents by HGVs passing illegally through the village.

The Parish Council will be making representations on behalf of villagers at the meeting on 2 February and in order to back up the Council’s case we are asking all residents to sign a letter in order that the strength of feeling of our community can be made clear to the district council planners.

To aid you in this process a template letter will be circulated to all residents for your address and a signature and will be collected or can be posted through any parish councillor’s door. You may, of course, wish to make your own individual representations on the matter.

The template letter is also available here in Microsoft Word format and as a PDF file.

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